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General conditions of access and use of this web

I. – You have gained access to the website of Embutidos España. This website can be freely visited by any user whenever they want for their personal use. It is understood by all users that people who gain access to this website agree to the General Conditions and to the content of Legal Notices.

II. – In all cases, the user will have to interact with this website in accordance with the present General Conditions and the content of Legal Notices, as well as with the Law, morality, public order and good customs. III. – The user is not required to subscribe or register to the website. But by subscribing or registering as an authorised user, the user will gain access to specific services or contents of the website. IV.- The announcements and publications of our products, promotions and offers contained in the website are directed at residents of Spain and are valid only in the territory of the Spanish State. Embutidos España can modify the characteristics, specifications and photography of its products, without notice previous and is not subject to any guarantee of any type. Embutidos España is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that could cause the accuracy, veracity or thoroughness of the above mentioned information, or the use that of the information could do. V.- Embutidos España reserves the right to modify or to suppress at any moment, and without notice, previous contents, services and information that is found on this website. VI.- Legal notice on Information of Personal Character To the effects currently in the Organic Law 15/99 of December 13 of Data protection of Personal Character, Embutidos España communicatestotheUserthattheinformationfacilitatedfortheformalisation of the forms contained in the website, will be abletoremaingathered in automated files which the person in chargeis Embutidos España Embedded, whose purposeis to support a relationship with the interested parties for activities of service, of information, of maintenance and progress of this website and the achievement of commercial and promotional actions, especially designed for the interested parties. In the same direction, the interested parties will be able to exercise the right of access, rectification and cancellation of the information, by sending a written and signed request including name, last names and DNI with the precise instructions to the effect.

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