In Embutidos y Jamones España e Hijos we try to be responsible with our current situation, influencing the well-being of our region and taking care of the social needs.

Responsibility is also a company thing.


– We install solar panels in our facilities to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
– We are using more and more recycled and reusable plastic every year.
– We have already introduced our new ECOPACK line.
– Our acorn-fed pork products come from our own pastures, taking care of the environment and favoring animal welfare.


– We collaborate in internship plans in masters and universities in the area.
– We hire young people to insert them into the work market.
– We dynamize the area by offering direct employment to many families.


– We support ATORDEM (Torrijos Multiple Sclerosis Association).
We promote sports at local and national level.
– We promote actions such as “Anonymous Heroes” (during the pandemic).
– We are sending products and monetary help to Ukraine. And we have already welcomed and hired 3 whole families of Ukrainian refugees thanks to our friendships in the country.

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