Tradition, is what distinguishes the exact manufacturing process that has been perfected over more than 30 years, and thus obtaining high quality products throughout the entire range.


Quality, iswhat we value the highest, we take care by giving attention to the smallest details, offering our clients better products and better service. Quality guaranteed.


Innovation, accomplished during the last few years to make from a traditional enterprise, to adapt to the latest technology thanks to the machinery investment and I + D which has leaded us to be one of the leader enterprise within this sector.


Commitment to loyalty and quality with our clients, which always engage us to gather the quality standards of our products without admitting variations.

Our Founder´s Message

Hello, I am Miguel España Muñoz, General manager of España e Hijos and founder of Embutidos y JamonesEspaña e Hijos, S.A and I am going to tell you a little bit about my professionalcareer so that I trust you will want to cooperate with our company. My lifeslabor has been in the meat sector and began in 1967, when I was employed by the three best companies of the sector at that time. I started as a professional manufacturer of meats, and later became a Salesman of these products. In 1985, I was 32 when I decided to venture out on my own and start a company in a village of Toledo’s province called Escalonilla. We started as a company with 600 meters space, and little by little we grew. Our first renovation took us from 600 meters to 1.500 meters, as weincreasedthe number of drying rooms that use artificial temperature controltocure the products and natural drying rooms which use the current natural temperature to cure the products. Later we extended another 4.000 meters as we increased the office space and added a workshop for our Loin products and another for our Sausage products. This was also when we bought our first machines
We are now currently at 12.000 meters, and have constructed two more plants with both artificialand natural drying rooms. This and the purchase of two slicing machines has helped us tokeep up with the demands of the market and to increase the volume of our sliced product production. It was in 2007 when we bought another drying room with artificial temperature control for hams in a village called Gerindote, only at 4 Km from us. This building has a capacity for 200.000 pieces of hams and we are able to extend some areas by 25.000 meters. Despite everything, we are still a family company. In 1990 my eldest son Miguel Angel started working with us, followed by Diego in 1992, later Maria Carmen in 1996 and the last of my children Rubén began in 2007. Nowadays we are a young, modern and dynamic company that adhears to all the quality norms as required by the European Economic Community and by the most prestigious quality certificates on a global scale. We have achieved this without losing the personal and direct treatment by España family.


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