Embutidos España


La marca ofrece toda la calidad del cerdo blanco en jamones, embutidos curados, adobados y fiambre.

La barrica


Productos elaborados íntegramente con cerdo ibérico y que representa toda la variedad de embutidos y jamones de la máxima calidad.



Preparados 100% con carne de pavo, bajo en grasas y sin colesterol, ideal para deportistas y para aquellos que desean una dieta sana y equilibrada.




For more than two decades, Embutidos España offers its clients sausages and hams of maximum quality, which has done that the company consolidates as one of the meat Spanish companies with major projection facing the future. Embutidos España bases the success of new products and his innovative services that they make them stand out of the competition. This is the result of the important investments realized for the progress of the process of production, which has incorporated technology of last generation in the packing of products. Following this philosophy of work we remain faithful to this line that will lead us up to the future developing new products and the best way of presenting them to our clients and contributing the value added to our collaborators. The most immediate future of Embutidos España is joined to the starting of the new lines of sliced products, the new logistic store and the enlargement of the drying rooms of ham up to 10000 m2. A determined bet that will lead to us to being a company indexes inside the meat sector and that they turn into the model continuing. Achievements that will turn out to be recognized with the securing of the certificate of which the company is under the quality norms ISF and BRC, and which the doors of markets will open as the American, with strict norms of homologation and of quality, as the quality norm ISO 9002, which guarantees the quality of our process and products since the year 2000.

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