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A flavor... Very ours! 1986
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The founder began to manufacture and sell everything produced, while continuing his work in another company until 1989. It was then when he decided to expand, adding 3,200 square meters to his company and dedicating himself exclusively to his own business.

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The year 1997 marked another stage of expansion with an expansion of 1,800 more square meters of the factory . This trend continued in 2001, with another expansion of 3,300 square meters, including new drying rooms.

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On January 12, 2007, the ham drying facility in Geridonte was acquired, expanding the available land. Later, due to the need for more space, warehouses were acquired in the Escalonilla industrial estate, where the expeditions were moved . In total, 8 warehouses with 4,200 square meters were joined, and another 1,200 square meter was purchased that was used as a cold and packaging area.

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A change of visual identity is made. Not only were their facilities adapting, but they also updated their logo, refreshing the brand image so that the tradition and flavors of the factory also reach new generations .

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The company wins two Guinness Records: the largest plate of hand-cut ham in the world and the largest concentration of professional ham cutters .

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In 2020, Miguel España e Hijos expanded its global reach, exporting to 70 countries . This milestone reflects its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction , as well as its ability to serve diverse international markets with a wide range of exceptional products.